Late for Class – Adobe Premiere

The point on making this video is to show a story that was planned on the story board and being recorded on the same way as it is. Also learning on how to take a video based on the camera movement, the shot type, and also cropping the scenes so that the viewer will be easily to understand and follow without adding any dialogue and only gesture.

The planning on the story board before have the same point on what we made although some of the scenes are removed when complications occur. The camera movement is also different because if this is not the case, the video will be boring and not interesting. The shot type is also important as it depends on the distance length of this type of video is taken to give the viewer a better look on the whole situation.

Things that need to be improve on this video is the number of shot types, more shot types should be included to give the video much more interesting. The shaky camera is also not good because it makes your viewer confuse and the whole video looks poor in quality and effort. The music for this video could be better if we were able to pick a fast and adventurous tone that could sets the mood of the video.


Cambodia Video – Adobe Premiere

The point of this video is to understand the use and ways on how to use Adobe Premium and also understanding on how to arrange a raw data of a video and make the video seem interesting.

In this video, I crop the videos and place it into an order to show how Cambodia looked like starting the rising of the sun into showing the places of Cambodia that is interesting and showing the people/tourist that visit these places.

Adding couple of scenes in this Video is just 30 seconds shows that you don’t have to create such a long video to make the video understandable to the viewers.

The only things that I need to improve on making this video is the scenes. The scenes might be better if more are added. The music in the background would be better if the sound is something related to Cambodia such as Cambodian music.

Magazine Cover – Adobe Photoshop

Previously, I edited my picture to make it look suitable for a magazine picture as a magazine picture is always wrinkle free and their skin always looks flawless.

This is how it turns out after the picture is being put in a magazine.

Meghna - Magazine Cover

The main achievement is to know on how to create a magazine and understanding that colours should not be placed on whatever you want. There are certain rules to it and make sure that the colours will match to your outfit or even hair.

The goal of this project is to ensure that this is the magazine that you would buy so your customer would buy too.

As for my hair is slightly red and my clothes is grey, I put a theme of grey, black, white and pinkish-red colour that will match the picture. Interesting and main points of the articles should be interesting but also should not be too much just like what I put in this picture.

The magazine name is placed right behind the picture as there are already a lot of writings on the bottom and the sides.

Although I am satisfied with how it looks, the only thing that I need to improve on my magazine cover is that the hair on top of my hair is not properly cut out and it hits the word “Venom”. The colour of the background also still needs to be changed into maybe a little lighter colour.

Before and After Picture of Me – Magazine Cover in Adobe Photoshop

This is a picture of me and it shows the before and after picture of myself.

Meghna - Before and After Magazine PhotoThe main achievement on what I am trying to achieve is to remove the fine lines on my face, dark circles, and spots on my face to create a more fresh looking skin.

I started off by covering the spots on my face as this makes the editing easier and won’t be able to get distracted easily. I later remove the fine lines on my face and the under eyes and my wrinkles above my mouth. I use the liquifying tool to make my face smaller and my eyes slightly bigger. To create my face look lively, I added hue saturation which enables my lips and hair to look more red including the face.

Overall, the look is satisfying as the after picture looks so much better than before and that is the main point of this task. Although, I am satisfied with how this turn out to be, there’s still need space for improvement.

I need to improve on my liquifying tool as there still needs some balance on the head and face. There is also need some improvement on the colour because my face looks a little too red and needs to tone down a little bit. The highlight on my nose should be tone down at it may look nicer.

Before and After Picture of Obama – Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop – Obama

Obama 2

The main point to create on this is to be able to know on how to:

  • Remove Small Flaws
  • Remove Larger Flaws
  • Add a mask
  • Paint over with a brush
  • Adjust opacity of the brush
  • Create a new web file 1200 x 1600 pixels
  • Drag a picture from one file to another file.
  • Create a new layer with and fill it with a colour.

How did I achieve this?

  • Spot Healing Brush Tool

I removed the spots on the face

  • Healing Brush Tool

I removed the scar and wrinkles in the under eye, side eye, face and chin

  • Click on the Add Layer Mask icon

I use this to make the face look more natural and not to Photoshop

  • Brush Tool

Using the brush tool in the layer mask to delete the coverage and show more wrinkles

  • Brush Tool and changed the Opacity to 20%

This is the tool I set to use to make the picture look more natural

  • Edit -> Fill -> Use: Black

Create a new document for the Obama comparison

  • Move Tool

I drag the original picture to the photoshop picture to create a comparison between the two pictures by putting it side by side.

  • File – New File –  Profile =  Web, Size= 1200 x 1600

This is use to match the picture background so there will not be a white frame.

 What do I need to Improve on?

The things that I need to improve on is although the major spot had been removed, there are some small spot needed to be removed on the side cheek. The line area in the corner of the eye are not removed properly and the wrinkle does not look balance, one eye looks more wrinkled than the other eye. What I like about this picture is the picture looks natural especially the eyes area and the face.

Photography: Bokeh

To create a bokeh photography before starting. This turtorial gives a brief introduction on how to start making it:

Behind the scene



Before starting, here are the steps to take in before starting.

  • First step is to make sure that the light is off because the glass window can create a light shadow that could disturb the photo
  • I place a chair near the window and place my DSLR on the chair so there will be no blurry picture and it will be easier for me to use one hand to lift the object and the other one to click the button.
  • I change button on the lens from Auto Focus to Manual focus and turn the front of the lens to the right to make the bokeh look bigger.
  • I choose the nicest bokeh shape, colour and formation so that I will start taking picture from there.
  • I place the object near the chosen bokeh
  • I change my ISO to 6400 because I want to focus on the bokeh more than the object and I want the picture to look dark. And if the ISO is low and as my hands can’t be too stiff as the picture will be blurry.


Ring in Bloom



Hidden Soul


The challenges I faced and how did I overcame into creating this photo:

  • At first I didn’t use any chair to hold the camera but the picture did not turn out bad such as being blurry.
  • The picture was too bright when I did not change the ISO
  • I keep changing objects to suit the theme of the bokeh formation.
  • There was too much light in the room so I turn off the lights that block the picture due to the window glass.

The reasons why I pick the photo based on the rules of composition and the characteristics of good photo/principals of design:

  • In the first photo, I choose that picture because it shows the rules of composition of rules of third because if the picture is drawn into a tic tac toe lines, the object are placed on the left corner that will intersect to the lines. This will draw the viewer’s attention. It also shows rule of composition which is pattern as the circles of bokeh is aligned and repeated.
  • In the second photo, I choose that picture because it shows the characteristics of depth as it creates a dimension in the photo since the object and my hands is focused. It also shows the rules of composition of framing, as the ring frame the bokeh.
  • The characteristics of a good photo is making sure the picture is not blurry, should be focused, have the right amount of lighting, choosing a nice object to take a picture of, choose the right background, take a lot of pictures as the picture might get better and better.

5 Rule of Composition

Control Your Background


This photo is an example of “control your background” because one object is focused and the other one is not. The blurry background helps to focus at one object. The blurry background helps the object behind to be shown, but it is not confusing because the viewer will look at this photo from right to left.

This is a good photo because the photo shows how when an object is blurry, it shows which one is the main object and which one is not and there are no other distraction other than the two objects. Personally, I like this photo because the object on the right side shows that it is dancing while the other one on the left side is viewing the first object. But the second object is out of focus and this makes the photo interesting.

Improvements that need to be done in this photo is to use a different filter such as black or white may turn out better for the picture and sets mood to the photo.

Rules of Third


This photo is an example of “Rules of third”, because when the grid falls on the pic, it will intersect to one of the squares of the grid and it will fall on the main object.

This is photo is a good example of “Rules of Third because, The object is located in the left corner of the photo. If a tic tac toe is drawn on the picture, the grid will hit the object. This shows that the photo is a good photo because the object will look boring when it is placed on the middle. When it is placed on the sides, our eyes will draw more attention to the picture.

The photo could be improved by using different types of filter to make the picture look more focused and creative. I choose this photo because it is simple with the blank white background lined with brown wood, and this background is blurred. This photo is perfect to use for a desktop background.

Low Angle


This photo is an example of an angel that is taken from below called “low angel”. This rule of this type of photo is taken by placing the camera low and shooting up. This photo is a good example of low angel because when the photo is taken from below it makes the object look bigger than the reality and also the blurry background gives the photo more focus.

I could improve the photo by cropping the photo from bellow and setting another filter might make the photo look better because the exposure is not bright enough. I like this photo because the picture is taken from bellow and makes the object looks bigger and scarier. It is only focused on one object and not anything else.

Leading Lines


This photo is an example of “leading lines” because the photo shown helps to direct the viewer eye through the photo. These lines helps to create a sense of direction. The main achievement of this photo is to ensure that the lines should be leading to the end and it is what I achieved. This photo is interesting because the blurriness sets mood to the direction of the lines.

I could improve this photo by cropping the picture from below. Changing the filter of this photo might make the picture looks better. I like this photo because this picture looks unique. The colour of the photo is pink and white and blurred from bottom and up. When looking at this photo we follow the lines of it.

Frame your Subject


This photo represents “Frame your subject” because using framing, focus the viewer’s attention on the main subject. This photo is a good example because the object inside the frame is not placed in the middle but a bit to the side to make it less boring. Also, the frame sets mood to the picture because of the dark exposure circling around the picture and brighter exposure inside the frame.

I could improve the picture by placing the object further away to create more focus on the object. Changing to another filter might make the picture look better. I like this picture because the picture is framed with a circle shape placed near to the object with a plain blurred background.