Crazy Bunny – Abstract Arts in Adobe Illustrator

Crazy Bunny


This illustrator called “Crazy Bunny” is also done in Adobe Illustrator CS6 which was followed in the website:–vector-608

This is my first Abstract Illustration that I created. The first time I tried to make it was really tough. It took me approximately 2 days to complete this. As I mentioned before, I have used Adobe Illustrator before, but not on creating an Abstract Illustrator like this. Therefore, I tried to achieve on making the bunny look as similar as the bunny in the tutorial as possible but changing the bunny’s face to look cuter and less scary. I did achieve this in fact. The eys are wider and the mouth is smaller. The hardest thing to make is the gradient. I was having a hard time understanding it. The only thing that I wish to improve on this Illustrator is the colour. I do not like the colour of the bunny to be dark. I wish it to look more brighter like light coloured pink.


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