Jared Leto – Geometric Vector Protrait in Adobe Illustrator

Meghna - Portrait AssignmentJared Leto


This shows a picture of an actor named “Jared Leto”. The tutorial to make this vector portrait is on the website: http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-geometric-wpap-vector-portrait-in-adobe-illustrator–vector-16102

Before doing this Illustrator, I make sure that the picture is good and there shouldn’t be too much exposure or too low exposure. To create this Illustrator, pen tool is used. No other tools are used except on choosing the colours etc. Using the shapes will not create a good vector portrait, it is better to stick with pen tool.

I am trying to achieve to trace the shades of his face to create a cartoon-ish picture looking. The first try I did was making the theme of blue by using different colours of blue. But during the process it did not turn out that good because it is hard to follow. If we use the real colour of the picture we know which shades we should use so it wont look weird. This picture shows how it looks like in the end.

There needs a lot of improvement that needs to be done in this Illustrator. The above mouth of the person have a pointed tip of the shape that makes the picture looks weird. As it is not the real shade of the face. Oe of the finger is darker than the other. The nose is still not good enough and needs a lot of improvement. The beard of the face needs improvement.


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