5 Rule of Composition

Control Your Background


This photo is an example of “control your background” because one object is focused and the other one is not. The blurry background helps to focus at one object. The blurry background helps the object behind to be shown, but it is not confusing because the viewer will look at this photo from right to left.

This is a good photo because the photo shows how when an object is blurry, it shows which one is the main object and which one is not and there are no other distraction other than the two objects. Personally, I like this photo because the object on the right side shows that it is dancing while the other one on the left side is viewing the first object. But the second object is out of focus and this makes the photo interesting.

Improvements that need to be done in this photo is to use a different filter such as black or white may turn out better for the picture and sets mood to the photo.

Rules of Third


This photo is an example of “Rules of third”, because when the grid falls on the pic, it will intersect to one of the squares of the grid and it will fall on the main object.

This is photo is a good example of “Rules of Third because, The object is located in the left corner of the photo. If a tic tac toe is drawn on the picture, the grid will hit the object. This shows that the photo is a good photo because the object will look boring when it is placed on the middle. When it is placed on the sides, our eyes will draw more attention to the picture.

The photo could be improved by using different types of filter to make the picture look more focused and creative. I choose this photo because it is simple with the blank white background lined with brown wood, and this background is blurred. This photo is perfect to use for a desktop background.

Low Angle


This photo is an example of an angel that is taken from below called “low angel”. This rule of this type of photo is taken by placing the camera low and shooting up. This photo is a good example of low angel because when the photo is taken from below it makes the object look bigger than the reality and also the blurry background gives the photo more focus.

I could improve the photo by cropping the photo from bellow and setting another filter might make the photo look better because the exposure is not bright enough. I like this photo because the picture is taken from bellow and makes the object looks bigger and scarier. It is only focused on one object and not anything else.

Leading Lines


This photo is an example of “leading lines” because the photo shown helps to direct the viewer eye through the photo. These lines helps to create a sense of direction. The main achievement of this photo is to ensure that the lines should be leading to the end and it is what I achieved. This photo is interesting because the blurriness sets mood to the direction of the lines.

I could improve this photo by cropping the picture from below. Changing the filter of this photo might make the picture looks better. I like this photo because this picture looks unique. The colour of the photo is pink and white and blurred from bottom and up. When looking at this photo we follow the lines of it.

Frame your Subject


This photo represents “Frame your subject” because using framing, focus the viewer’s attention on the main subject. This photo is a good example because the object inside the frame is not placed in the middle but a bit to the side to make it less boring. Also, the frame sets mood to the picture because of the dark exposure circling around the picture and brighter exposure inside the frame.

I could improve the picture by placing the object further away to create more focus on the object. Changing to another filter might make the picture look better. I like this picture because the picture is framed with a circle shape placed near to the object with a plain blurred background.



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