Before and After Picture of Me – Magazine Cover in Adobe Photoshop

This is a picture of me and it shows the before and after picture of myself.

Meghna - Before and After Magazine PhotoThe main achievement on what I am trying to achieve is to remove the fine lines on my face, dark circles, and spots on my face to create a more fresh looking skin.

I started off by covering the spots on my face as this makes the editing easier and won’t be able to get distracted easily. I later remove the fine lines on my face and the under eyes and my wrinkles above my mouth. I use the liquifying tool to make my face smaller and my eyes slightly bigger. To create my face look lively, I added hue saturation which enables my lips and hair to look more red including the face.

Overall, the look is satisfying as the after picture looks so much better than before and that is the main point of this task. Although, I am satisfied with how this turn out to be, there’s still need space for improvement.

I need to improve on my liquifying tool as there still needs some balance on the head and face. There is also need some improvement on the colour because my face looks a little too red and needs to tone down a little bit. The highlight on my nose should be tone down at it may look nicer.


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