Before and After Picture of Obama – Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop – Obama

Obama 2

The main point to create on this is to be able to know on how to:

  • Remove Small Flaws
  • Remove Larger Flaws
  • Add a mask
  • Paint over with a brush
  • Adjust opacity of the brush
  • Create a new web file 1200 x 1600 pixels
  • Drag a picture from one file to another file.
  • Create a new layer with and fill it with a colour.

How did I achieve this?

  • Spot Healing Brush Tool

I removed the spots on the face

  • Healing Brush Tool

I removed the scar and wrinkles in the under eye, side eye, face and chin

  • Click on the Add Layer Mask icon

I use this to make the face look more natural and not to Photoshop

  • Brush Tool

Using the brush tool in the layer mask to delete the coverage and show more wrinkles

  • Brush Tool and changed the Opacity to 20%

This is the tool I set to use to make the picture look more natural

  • Edit -> Fill -> Use: Black

Create a new document for the Obama comparison

  • Move Tool

I drag the original picture to the photoshop picture to create a comparison between the two pictures by putting it side by side.

  • File – New File –  Profile =  Web, Size= 1200 x 1600

This is use to match the picture background so there will not be a white frame.

 What do I need to Improve on?

The things that I need to improve on is although the major spot had been removed, there are some small spot needed to be removed on the side cheek. The line area in the corner of the eye are not removed properly and the wrinkle does not look balance, one eye looks more wrinkled than the other eye. What I like about this picture is the picture looks natural especially the eyes area and the face.


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