Photography: Bokeh

To create a bokeh photography before starting. This turtorial gives a brief introduction on how to start making it:

Behind the scene



Before starting, here are the steps to take in before starting.

  • First step is to make sure that the light is off because the glass window can create a light shadow that could disturb the photo
  • I place a chair near the window and place my DSLR on the chair so there will be no blurry picture and it will be easier for me to use one hand to lift the object and the other one to click the button.
  • I change button on the lens from Auto Focus to Manual focus and turn the front of the lens to the right to make the bokeh look bigger.
  • I choose the nicest bokeh shape, colour and formation so that I will start taking picture from there.
  • I place the object near the chosen bokeh
  • I change my ISO to 6400 because I want to focus on the bokeh more than the object and I want the picture to look dark. And if the ISO is low and as my hands can’t be too stiff as the picture will be blurry.


Ring in Bloom



Hidden Soul


The challenges I faced and how did I overcame into creating this photo:

  • At first I didn’t use any chair to hold the camera but the picture did not turn out bad such as being blurry.
  • The picture was too bright when I did not change the ISO
  • I keep changing objects to suit the theme of the bokeh formation.
  • There was too much light in the room so I turn off the lights that block the picture due to the window glass.

The reasons why I pick the photo based on the rules of composition and the characteristics of good photo/principals of design:

  • In the first photo, I choose that picture because it shows the rules of composition of rules of third because if the picture is drawn into a tic tac toe lines, the object are placed on the left corner that will intersect to the lines. This will draw the viewer’s attention. It also shows rule of composition which is pattern as the circles of bokeh is aligned and repeated.
  • In the second photo, I choose that picture because it shows the characteristics of depth as it creates a dimension in the photo since the object and my hands is focused. It also shows the rules of composition of framing, as the ring frame the bokeh.
  • The characteristics of a good photo is making sure the picture is not blurry, should be focused, have the right amount of lighting, choosing a nice object to take a picture of, choose the right background, take a lot of pictures as the picture might get better and better.

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