Late for Class – Adobe Premiere

The point on making this video is to show a story that was planned on the story board and being recorded on the same way as it is. Also learning on how to take a video based on the camera movement, the shot type, and also cropping the scenes so that the viewer will be easily to understand and follow without adding any dialogue and only gesture.

The planning on the story board before have the same point on what we made although some of the scenes are removed when complications occur. The camera movement is also different because if this is not the case, the video will be boring and not interesting. The shot type is also important as it depends on the distance length of this type of video is taken to give the viewer a better look on the whole situation.

Things that need to be improve on this video is the number of shot types, more shot types should be included to give the video much more interesting. The shaky camera is also not good because it makes your viewer confuse and the whole video looks poor in quality and effort. The music for this video could be better if we were able to pick a fast and adventurous tone that could sets the mood of the video.


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