Magazine Cover – Adobe Photoshop

Previously, I edited my picture to make it look suitable for a magazine picture as a magazine picture is always wrinkle free and their skin always looks flawless.

This is how it turns out after the picture is being put in a magazine.

Meghna - Magazine Cover

The main achievement is to know on how to create a magazine and understanding that colours should not be placed on whatever you want. There are certain rules to it and make sure that the colours will match to your outfit or even hair.

The goal of this project is to ensure that this is the magazine that you would buy so your customer would buy too.

As for my hair is slightly red and my clothes is grey, I put a theme of grey, black, white and pinkish-red colour that will match the picture. Interesting and main points of the articles should be interesting but also should not be too much just like what I put in this picture.

The magazine name is placed right behind the picture as there are already a lot of writings on the bottom and the sides.

Although I am satisfied with how it looks, the only thing that I need to improve on my magazine cover is that the hair on top of my hair is not properly cut out and it hits the word “Venom”. The colour of the background also still needs to be changed into maybe a little lighter colour.


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